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May 4

Wisdom Teeth Removal, No Worries!

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Are you worried because one of our dentists recommended the removal of your wisdom teeth? Have you heard a million and one horror stories and sore stories, dentists that lack rapport leaving your jaw an eyesore? Fret no more, we at Affinity Dental of La Mesa plan to make your wisdom teeth removal as worry free as possible!  

For starters we share with you some statistics, because there is comfort in numbers. A recent article published in the New York Times estimates that over 80% of wisdom teeth need to be removed. This figure suggests that while extractions probably don’t top anyone’s “Life’s Best Moments” lists, they are incredibly common. We’re not saying you’re not special – you’re probably quite unique and interesting –  but the removal of your wisdom teeth isn’t, and maybe that’s comforting.

Next, we ask (or politely demand) you communicate your anxieties to us. If you’re afraid of feeling pain during or after your wisdom teeth removal, we have solutions for that! If you’d rather spend the day of your scheduled appointment dancing the Salsa with Ricky Martin, sedation dentistry can help. After the extraction(s) the dentist will prescribe pain medication and schedule follow-up appointments. Pain management is central to removing our patients’ wisdom teeth, and we assure you that we take this responsibility seriously.

Another common concern our patients share with us about having their wisdom teeth removed is not pain, but the sedation itself. A fear of going under, of numbness, of amnesia, and for this we have discovered breathing exercises to be beneficial to some patients. Sedation is particularly scary for first-time patients, so we encourage them to talk with friends and families about their personal experience with sedation. Gleaning insight from those you trust often has a more calming effect than conversations with dentists.

Your wisdom teeth removal may not be as easy as pie, and it may not feel like a cakewalk, but we can promise a lot of ice-cream dinners! You will get through this! Remember, wisdom teeth removals happen to a lot of people, sedation helps, breathing can be calming, and communication is essential.

We at Affinity Dental of La Mesa endeavor to make your wisdom teeth removal as stress free as possible. We encourage you to communicate openly with our staff about your extraction(s) and any other dental concerns you have! We take pride in being a family dentistry, and families talk.

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